Dense Automatic Neural Annotation

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

RhoANA is software for dense automatic annotation of neurons in EM serial sections. It includes a processing pipeline, as well as Mojo, a proofreading and annotation tool.

A preprint describing our work is available.

Our code is available on github.

A beta distribution of Mojo 2.0: Connectome Annotation Tool is available along with some test data.

Information regarding Dojo - a web-based proofreading tool for distributed annotation, is available here.

More information about NeuroLines, a system for visualizing and analyzing nanoscale neuronal connectivity based on a subway map metaphor can be found here.

More information about NeuroBlocks, a system for visual tracking of segmentation and proofreading for large Connectomics projects can be found here.

Jeff Lichtman spoke at TEDxCaltech (January 2013) on our efforts to understand the fundamental nature of the brain.